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We Are RiT Team

RiT History

Residency in Turkey is a professional organization which comprise of lawyers, tax advisors, appraisers to determine values of real estates, and manage the legal processes of purchasing a real estate for citizenship.

As a team we are very, very experienced in all aspects of real estate service, with more than 15 years combined experience in the real estate and property sectors, we are able to assist all people be they Turkish or International citizens.

Our aim in establishing this company was to give the Extraordinary service that clients expect and deserve in helping them realize their dream home and residency in Turkey. We reset the standard for quality real estate service in Turkey.

We have a very broad range of real estate on offer, from: Luxurious Villas to residencies, apartments, properties with Bosporus views, houses in very distinguished areas, and projects . We are also able to communicate with the local and International developers and projects owners in the areas which will suit your needs and life style.

We offer our clients and all home owners a very professional management service, we will manage all aspects of your property including, rent collection, home maintenance, property checking, re-letting, (replacing leaving tenants) for all your home management help, we specialize in home maintenance and emergency repairs for your home, be it Electrical/Plumbing/Appliances, or Home Repairs, contact us for further details.

Our company mission is to be honest, open and transparent to our customers, so we can give them the best personal service possible in Turkey.

Our company vision is, to develop long term relationships with our customers, so they can feel they are dealing with true warm hearted professionals in Istanbul and Turkey and other International cities.

We can also support our customers with their purchases, legal requirements and residency processes.

Our Values;

  • Reliability
  • Compliance to international standards
  • Objective service perspective
  • Fast and right results

Property Research For You

We find the most suitable properties according to your classifications that you have requested.

Legal Advisory

With our lawyers, we provide legal support in all procurement processes of real estate.

Property Management Services

We provide you with a complete, transparent & fully hands-off property management service.

Free Update

We update the valuation of the purchased property free of charge.

Appraisal Studies

It is imperative to have a clear understanding of the right value of your assets or real estates that you consider buying in today’s fast-developing property market.

Market Research

We undertake research and advisory services in every type of properties in Turkey with our more than 10 years’ experience in Turkish real estate market.